Our design process is grounded in the realities of toy production. It’s a rather simple concept, but all too often toy design has come to mean ignoring those realities in order to get the flashy rendering approved in the big meeting and nothing more. You could let your design be compromised by the production guys downstream who are figuring out a way to make it a producible reality, but wouldn’t you rather have those concerns integrated seamlessly into your design before it’s thrown over the wall? We believe that integrating those concerns into the up-front creative process always makes for a better end product.

3D Development

We adore the third dimension. It’s where creativity meets reality. For some, 3D development is purely about interpreting 2D design into 3D space, but we treat it very much as an extension of the design process. At Eleventyplex, we’re intent on integrating all of a product’s concerns seamlessly into this process. It’s the confluence of aesthetic, engineering and production concerns, and the best end results occur when all of those concerns move forward as a whole.


The Eleventyplex model shop can accommodate all of your analog needs. Rapid prototyped parts, molds and castings in a variety of materials, detailed high-quality painting . . . sometimes it’s just good to get your hands dirty. For those who prefer we keep them clean, an all-digital path can deliver stunning product renders that give reality a run for the money.